happy second birthday miri

You are a light in our days.  You make your brother soft, you always ask for kisses — and you tell us on the cheek or on the lips, you fake tears so we’ll hold you longer.  You love your baby, you want to do everything by “self”, you are saying more new words every day than I can count.  You scream “daddy!” when he comes home, you say “daddy work” when he’s not home.  You are always yelling, “Ez!” when you don’t know where he is, and you always want to play with him even if he knocks you down.  You will sometimes let him hold your hand, but always want to snuggle in his bed.  You love to say “no” with a little sneaky smile, you love to read a big pile of books and always want to follow mommy around the house.  You won’t let mom go potty without you, and you now have mostly dry diapers every day.  You love to paint and color.  You still love to nurse in the morning and night.  Your smile is radiant and your eyes brighten up at the simplest and tiniest joys in life.  You remind us to be grateful and thankful and happy each day.  We love you, sweet girl.  You are ours, but you are also growing into the best person we know.

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ezra’s fourth birthday

Ezra, you are my love and my joy.  You are Peter Pan, a sailor, Jake, a fireman, a honey bee in the hive, a spider in the wave, a lawn mower, a weed whacker, a super hero, Batman, swimmer, drummer, big brother, creator, reader, builder.  You learn more and more each day and we are so proud of you.

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